Hiring someone is a lot like dating, so this would be my hypothetical dating profile. (Hypothetical because of course I'm not on any dating apps. Not me! Never!) 
Best travel story: I crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a yacht. It took 11 (ELEVEN!) days.
Believe it or not, I went on a hike in the Amazon rain forest and almost didn't make it out alive. (I consider myself a little bit dramatic but I promise you I'm not being dramatic when I say I thought that was it for me.)
I won't shut up about my dog. 
I've been told I'm "intense, but in a good way." (Which I guess is better than being intense in a bad way.)
Recently I accidentally memorized all of Big Bootie Remix Vol.18, and frankly, I'm not really sure what that says about me. 
Think we might be a match? 
Holler at me: stephanietkarsten@gmail.com
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